Participation Process

Participation Process
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In 2021-22, the Republic of Austria purchased several properties at the site of the former Gusen I concentration camp and the entrance area to the “Bergkristall” tunnel system built by prisoners in St. Georgen an der Gusen. With your participation, the existing memorial will be developed further.

In order to ensure the broadest possible engagement of all regional, national and international interest groups right from the start, the Mauthausen Memorial launched a participation process to develop a master plan with design and functional guidelines.

After a comprehensive baseline survey was completed, the art:phalanx communications agency and architectural firm heri&salli began their work with the participation formats in August 2022.

Workshops, information events and interviews, including some with survivors of the Gusen concentration camp, ensure transparency and a collaborative partnership with the various interest groups, including representatives of victimised nations and victims’ organisations as well as the regional population. The diverse range of ways to actively participate in the design of the future memorial have been received very positively.

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The project has now been completed in the form of the final report and master plan, a carefully researched, clear recommendation that is based on the jointly developed results of the participation process. This master plan is intended to form the basis for the future redevelopment of the Gusen Memorial.

Here you can find the final report and master plan as well as the data evaluation in detail.

Summaries of the final report and master plan in several languages can be found here: