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Guided tour of the Gusen Memorial

This tour looks at the history of the Gusen concentration camp, the branch camp of Mauthausen located approx. 2 km away, and discusses the subsequent use of the former camp grounds as a housing estate. The tour is offered in two different variations:

Tour Gusen I (covers the grounds of the former Gusen I concentration camp): 2 hours, € 5 / 3
Tour Gusen I+II (covers the grounds of the former Gusen I + II concentration camps): 3 hours, € 7 / 5

Minimum group size: 15
Availability: max. 4 groups at any one time

Advance booking required:
Tel: +43 7238 2269-22

Individual visitors and Groups

Audiowalk Gusen

The Audiowalk thematises the submerged memory of a town where the Gusen I and II concentration camps were located during the National Socialist dictatorship.
Minimum age: 14

Tel: +43 7238 2269-22