Development of the Gusen Memorial: Kick-off meeting of the project team


Development of the Gusen Memorial: Kick-off meeting of the project team
© Mauthausen Memorial / Julius Sevcik

The kick-off meeting for the further development and expansion of the Gusen Concentration Camp Memorial was held in Vienna this week.

The project team of the Mauthausen Memorial, which has also accompanied and moderated the participation process over the past two years, worked out the next steps required to implement the resulting master plan. The organizational and conceptual framework conditions for the continuation of the large-scale project were also defined.

In addition to a design competition, the current usage and visitor options for the former Gusen concentration camp are now being planned. The latest information on developments at the site can be followed here:

The Gusen concentration camp was a branch camp of the Mauthausen concentration camp. Until its liberation in May 1945, 71,000 prisoners from almost 30 nations were imprisoned in Gusen. More than half did not survive their imprisonment. In 2021/22, the Republic of Austria purchased land on the site of the former Gusen concentration camp. The Mauthausen Memorial was then commissioned to carry out a participation process. At the end of the overall process, the final report and master plan now provide a well-founded, clear recommendation based on the jointly developed results of the participation process. This master plan is to form the basis for the future redesign of the Gusen Concentration Camp Memorial.