Workshop with International Victims’ Associations


Participation process Gusen Memorial

Workshop with International Victims’ Associations
Mauthausen Memorial / Bernhard Mühleder

The final workshop in this stage of the Gusen Memorial participation process brought international representatives of victim groups to Langenstein Town Hall for an exchange of views and ideas.
Citizens of more than 30 countries were imprisoned in the Gusen concentration camp. This makes international cooperation particularly important when it comes to expanding the Gusen Memorial and ensuring a fitting design.
Members of the Comité International de Mauthausen from ten different countries and representatives of the Mauthausen Komitee Österreich and the Jewish Community had been invited to attend the workshop. Throughout the day, a range of working groups gave participants the chance to formulate shared ideas about what a future Gusen Memorial might look like.
The Mauthausen Memorial would like to thank all the participants of this and all previous workshops for their full participation and the lively discussions.
The findings from this workshop will now be analysed and presented in the first quarter of 2023 in the form of an interim report.