Meeting with Local Residents in Langenstein


Meeting with Local Residents in Langenstein
Mauthausen Memorial / Robert Vorberg

On 22 October, as part of the participation process for redesigning the Gusen Memorial, a meeting was held with local residents who live directly by the site. In cooperation with Mayor Christian Aufreiter, residents were invited to Langenstein Town Hall, where the project team – the Mauthausen Memorial, the agency art:phalanx, the architecture firm heri&salli and the Burghauptmannschaft Österreich – gave a presentation on the participation process and its aims.

The Burghauptmannschaft provided information about current and ongoing work such as structural safety measures being carried out on the buildings and site (e.g. improvements to the roofs of the SS buildings and the installation of guardrails) and about the removal of rubble from the roll call square.

The discussion with residents touched on the expectations and needs of a new, expanded Gusen Memorial. After the meeting, participants had the chance to visit the newly acquired plots of land.