Liberation Ceremonies 2022


The 2022 liberation ceremonies took place last weekend

Liberation Ceremonies 2022

The annual ceremonies marking the liberation of the Gusen and Mauthausen concentration camps and the Ebensee and Gunskirchen satellite camps took place last weekend. The victims of the “Mühlviertel Hare Hunt” were remembered in Ried in der Riedmark. Further ceremonies were held today, 16th May, in Amstetten, Melk and Steyr. The theme of this year’s Liberation Ceremony, organised by the Austrian Mauthausen Committee at the site of the former Mauthausen concentration camp, was ‘Political Resistance’.

The Mauthausen concentration camp memorial team took part in the commemoration and also offered public tours of the newly-acquired areas of the former Gusen concentration camp between 13th and 15th May, led by experts Christian Dürr, Robert Vorberg, Bernhard Mühleder and Teres Stockinger.

The first Liberation Ceremony took place on 16th May 1945, just eleven days after the liberation of Mauthausen concentration camp by US Army troops, and was held by camp survivors and the international concentration camp committee on the former roll call area.